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Doing overtime at work today again; no news there, but I had planned to go see First Class for a second time. I'll somehow have to fit the rewatch into my work weekend, because I really want to have a second look at those crazy kids.

Speaking of First Class...

...didn't they kinda blow their own continuity out of the water? I mean, didn't Charles and Erik recruit Jean together in X3, with Charles on his own two feet? And since, by the end of FC, they apparently haven't done so, I'm assuming that Charles will have the use of his legs back, if only for a while.

Also, from my professional point of view - removing that bullet from Charles' spine just like that and blindly too seems like a pretty stupid move, what with the high risk of causing additional trauma.

Tiny little wishlist for the immediate future:

- new icons (not necessarily self-made, because I don't think I've got the patience - not to mention time)
- new wireless mouse (one which can be switched off, because the one I have keeps draining the batteries like whoa even when I'm not using it)
- perhaps an lj upgrade so I can use more icons again

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