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POI love? Still going strong. I'm happy to hear show has been renewed for a fifth season, even if it might be its last (and oh, yes, another one of my favorites being denied the long run it so deserves). Lucky me - I still have seasons 3 and 4 to look forward to, having stalled myself for fear of having the new episodes interfere with my creative process. Which has been all but defunct for two months now. Win win, no?

Two stories in the works, a bleak h/c and a five times thing that's gone through several iterations; I think I might be satisfied with the current one. If time allows, at least one of them should get finished soon. I feel myself drawn back to the 2nd person POV; it's quite lovely for slash fic, and I love the dichotomy of distance and identification it creates.

The Blacklist has drawn my eye; I'm not exactly in love with the show (but oh, the music), as most of the characters remain perfect strangers to me. Liz doesn't appeal to me very much (feels like she got abducted all the frigging time in season 2), but I like Aram, and Tom, and would probably enjoy trying to write my way into Red's head. We'll see.
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