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Last night I dreamed that I fell for Supernatural, hard. Which is odd, because even though I like the show, I'm not sure it has the potential to rivet me completely. Perhaps a by-product of trying to get in the mood for the new season.

I think I'll watch some Samurai Champloo tonight - I'm totally in the mood for Jin and Mugen. In the spirit of revisiting old favorites, I might also mainline a few Life on Mars episodes. Ah, Sam and Gene, some days I miss you dearly.
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I. I ♥ the Hype Machine and its spy feature. New music FTW.

II. Still not writing. Which could be attributed to the fact that I haven't settled on an OTP yet (which is not quite true because Batman/Gordon is drawing me further in by the minute and I'm not exactly resisting and oh, the possibilities...). Or... maybe I'm just lazy that way.

III. I finished a few icons today (not even looking at Word sideways) and there might well be an icon post in the near future. Like, possibly by the end of the week. If I don't get sidetracked by writing fic. Yeah, right.

IV. Italics are love. No, really.

V. Note to self >> check out Ef: A Tale of Memories by Makoto Shinkai.
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I'm on an anime watching spree and there's some seriously brilliant stuff out there. My latest infatuation is everything by Makoto Shinkai; The Place Promised In Our Early Days is what got me hooked. It's beautifully drawn and the story flows at a languid pace, gently-softly drawing you into the characters' lives. Same goes for Voices From A Distant Star, which is all about communication and how lost we are without it.

After all that goodness I caved and revisited some guilty pleasures from oh-so-long-ago (Osuwari! heh); next I'm sure to break out the old J-pop collection and spice up my running trips.

Next in line: LoM s2. So far, I've only seen the first two episodes; 201 thrilled me with a glimpse into Sam's darker side but it's 202 that left a deeper impression. I loved Woolf's phrasing when he talked to Gene in the end: "I made you." And then Gene's devastation when he realizes what has become of the man in whose image he was shaped (or rather allowed himself to be shaped). On the other hand there is Sam, who shapes himself by whipping his mentor-to-be into the right shape. Great stuff, that. I'm looking forward to the next episodes, which I have been told will be even better. Bring it on, Hunt.
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Because I tend to forget these things:

Samurai Champloo: ep.14 opening (Obokuri Eeumi)

TBW >>

Kiki's Delivery Service
Whisper of the Heart
Gedo Senki (The Chronicles of Earthsea)

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