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1. I ♥ lists.

2. A fool and her money: I caved and ordered an Ipod Nano, in apple green. If fate isn't cruel it should arrive within the week. Oh, my precioussss...

3. I dreamed that I bought a paid eljay account. A nagging feeling tells me this might come true. Go away, nagging feeling. Go away.

4. My Iron Man DVD arrived today. I'm brimful with glee and anticipation. Oh, RDJ.

5. Tropic Thunder next week. Can't. Wait.

6. I feel a burning desire to write fic. Only, I'm not writing at the moment, so, hmm...

7. I still don't have a Jim Gordon icon, but several are in the making. Yay, progress.
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a) I sorta want a new header, because there's a grievous lack of Gordon in this one. Hankering for more Gary Oldman vs serious lack of time: hmmm...

b) No news on the writing front, which is ten kinds of stupid and irritating. Again with the lack of time. Also: where's my motivation gone?

c) At least I'm working on my next icon batch, and there will be at least two Gordon icons, oh yes.

d) I'm in the mood to rewatch my favorite scenes from Batman Begins over and over, so that's what I'll do. Yay, precious time off the clock.

e) Have I mentioned that there isn't anywhere near enough new Batman/Gordon fic? (Although in my head, the whole thing is beginning to tilt towards Gordon/Bruce, which amuses me to no end. And warms my heart, oh yes it does.)
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There's a steady influx of Joker/Batman fic in my subscriptions, whereas Batman/Gordon seems to be more of a trickle. It's just that I'm really, really rather more in the mood for the latter. The term withdrawal might apply. Oh, drat.

I guess this means I'll have to get off my lazy ass and finally get started writing me some Batman fic. If that isn't incentive, I don't know what is. *kicks lazy self in the shin*
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Babylon A.D. was... pretty. And its soundtrack was decent. And it had Romy Schneider's daughter in it. So, yeah. I can has a good scifi movie soon, yes?

Caught a bit of the Fifth Element today and oh hell yeah, Gary Oldman. He does have a tendency to pick roles with whacky elaborate costumes, no? Which is probably why I tend to recognize him by his mouth and eyes.

So, I thought about Bruce and Jim dancing together and whether it's so OOC that it could only be written as crack. I mean, I can sort of picture it, but then I don't really see them actually doing it, like, waltzing across the floor of Bruce's living-room; it just seems too... mushy. On the other hand, with cross-dressing and a fair amount of jealousy (on Bruce's part) thrown into the mix, I can just see it happen. Bad brain, no cookie.
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Want to see Babylon A.D., like, right now. In German, because Vin's dubbed voice is just that good. All dark and deep and growly and oh my, isn't it Friday yet?

Found three more excellent (but oh so brief) Bruce/Gordon stories today but I'm afraid I'm going to run out of fresh stuff soon. The Art of Writing Fic and I aren't on friendly terms right now, else I'd give it a try. Maybe once the killer cold from hell has left my sinuses things will brighten up. Until then, it's back to the drawing board.

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