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{10} Dean
{2} Sam and Dean
{4} Castiel
{2} Dean/Castiel
(some variations included)

Mostly some simple black and white icons, with a dash of color thrown in for variety.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

keeping it simple )
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[16] Dean
[11] Castiel
[05] Dean/Castiel
[02] Sam + Dean
[02] Sam

[01] wallpaper (Dean)

most incongruous icon batch ever ever )
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{5} Sam
{1} Sam and Dean
{5} Dean
{8} Castiel
{1} Dean/Castiel
(some variations included)

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

so maybe there's an angel watching; over )
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Same old, same old: boatload of unfinished icons, no time, woes, etc. :D

Srsly: I'll be MIA till Sunday (going on a roadtrip with the most awesome momlady), so there should be an icon post then. If I manage to pare down on the variations, that is. WHY ARE YOU SO ICONABLE, CAS??!!
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Oh, show.

I wrote fic today! Or, rather, part of a longer fic but the point is that I finally wrote something. Which, funny that, 'cause I'd actually planned to get some icons done and put together an icon post. That'll have to wait until mid-week, I guess. Not that I didn't also work on some icons today. :D Yay, spontaneous burst of creativity!

Finally saw Slumdog Millionaire and loved the hell out of it. I feel like reading the book (Q&A) now.

On a side note: changed the layout because show made me feel like I needed to. Also, more Castiel is always of the good.

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