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Oh Charles and Erik, how so awesome, eh? Which is my way of saying that I liked First Class even better the second time around. More time and opportunity to put my eye on fine details (like Erik's long fingers, or the asymmetric crease of Charles' brow). These boys, so much with the prettiness. Also, I'm deeply fascinated with the visuals (and the narrative implications) of that long Erik/Shaw/Charles shot; for me, it's probably the movie's most powerful sequence.

Today I received a big shipment from Sendit: seasons 1 and 5 of Doctor Who, as well as season 2 of Sanctuary. I guess that means I'll be pretty busy watching some quality TV for the next week or so.

I'd also love to be very busy reading a First Class novelization - only there seems to be none, which: most epic fail in money making history, Marvel. Srsly.

I'll compensate by writing myself some Charles/Erik interaction of my own; I'm thinking of a light piece set in early summer, with the boys frolicking on the lawn in the backyard of the mansion, enjoying the sun on their skin, each of them a pleasurable distraction to the other.
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Long time, no see. Real life has been captivating, to say the least. Add to that a distinct lack of an active fandom, and presto, instant silence.

But, SyFy has managed to get me hooked on Sanctuary - it had to happen, they've been airing the show back to front for ages now, and hey, come on, Amanda Tapping! - and my love for the Doctor is flaring again, even though I missed out on most of Martha's and all of Donna's journey and will plunge right into the fray with Eleven and Amy. Oh, and then I watched X-Men: First Class last week, and has there really ever been a time when I did not adore the beautiful mess that's Charles and Erik?

So ship-wise, it's John and Helen as well as Charles and Erik at the moment, and both ships seriously make me want to dip my feet into fandom again. I feel like starting out with tiny little ship manifestos and maybe a little declaration of love for the Doctor, especially Nine, because The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances were the first episodes of Who I ever watched, and they've left an overwhelming impression.
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nabbed from [ profile] smashedpeaches

Comment and I'll give you three of your fandoms, then copy and paste the questions onto your journal and fill it out.

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Gene Hunt, du coole Sau.

Ich hab den totalen Life on Mars Flash. Die 70er sind so gar nicht mein Ding, aber nach 2-3 Episoden hatte ich mich an die Atmosphäre gewöhnt und wham! war ich mittendrin in Sammies durchgeknallter kleiner Welt. Hab mir gleich die zweite Staffel geordert und bin gespannt wie ein Flitzebogen auf das Ende. Schade nur, dass die ganze Serie gerade mal 16 Folgen hat. The good die young, huh.

Bin irgendwie zu faul heute für Englisch oder vielleicht war mir auch einfach nur mal wieder nach der guten alten Muttersprache.

In der Zwischenzeit plage ich mich mit einer Idee für ein Doctor/Master Dings, bei dem ich mich nicht entscheiden kann, welcher POV für die Story besser funktioniert. Den Kern der Sache transportieren beide Blickwinkel, nur eben aus einer anderen Sichtweise. Der Master POV wäre von daher interessant, weil er den Leser ziemlich unwissend lässt und sich das Gesamtbild langsam aufbaut; der Doctor POV steigt schneller ein und dürfte den Leser tiefer in die Story ziehen, weil er mehr vom Ausmaß der Misere enthüllt. Ach Mann, ich wünschte, ich würde solche Sachen nicht immer zu Tode denken, sondern einfach mal losschreiben. Perfektionismus is doof.

Ich glaube, mein AU, in dem Rose der Time Lord ist, hat sich schon totgelaufen, bevor ich überhaupt angefangen habe. Mal wieder ein gutes Beispiel für eine kreative Fehlzündung: zuerst bin ich total begeistert, und wenn ich das Ding dann nach 48 Stunden nicht geschrieben habe, heißt es hasta la vista, baby.

Blöder Tag heute, so im ganzen gesehen. So bin ich eigentlich ganz zufrieden; es nervt nur tierisch, dass ich zu nix Lust habe und mich für nix so richtig begeistern kann.
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Got up as early as anything this morning and then this song got stuck in my mind and I've been whistling it all morning at work driving everyone batty while having the time of my live. Fun times.

My Doctor/Rose love is back in full swing so a season 2 rewatch is clearly in order. I may or may not skip The Girl In The Fireplace which I think is a brilliant episode if only it didn't clash so violently with the ship. Tonight it's season 3 for me; I've got a hankering for Blink even though I won't get any sleep at all after watching it because I won't be able to. Close. My. Eyes.

Amazon's got Life on Mars season 1 for 15 € and I wants the preciousss but on the other hand I really should keep my money together for my trip to the capital. Woes! Oh, John Simm, why do you do the pretty so well?

Had a blast at work today (cf. above) even though it was a very stressful morning. Having colleagues who share my sense of humor - cynical as it may be at times - goes a long towards alleviating my stress levels.

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