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Oh Charles and Erik, how so awesome, eh? Which is my way of saying that I liked First Class even better the second time around. More time and opportunity to put my eye on fine details (like Erik's long fingers, or the asymmetric crease of Charles' brow). These boys, so much with the prettiness. Also, I'm deeply fascinated with the visuals (and the narrative implications) of that long Erik/Shaw/Charles shot; for me, it's probably the movie's most powerful sequence.

Today I received a big shipment from Sendit: seasons 1 and 5 of Doctor Who, as well as season 2 of Sanctuary. I guess that means I'll be pretty busy watching some quality TV for the next week or so.

I'd also love to be very busy reading a First Class novelization - only there seems to be none, which: most epic fail in money making history, Marvel. Srsly.

I'll compensate by writing myself some Charles/Erik interaction of my own; I'm thinking of a light piece set in early summer, with the boys frolicking on the lawn in the backyard of the mansion, enjoying the sun on their skin, each of them a pleasurable distraction to the other.
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Because I've been thinking about the mechanics of falling, and what it would mean for Dean and Cas.

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My stress levels have gone through the roof; the top priority on my to-do list is drawing a timetable for the next two weeks so that I won't miss any deadlines or Christmas parties. I'm a bit scared of what the finished thing will look like...

In other news, I'm working on building a SPN fic rec post, mostly for my own benefit since tastes do vary. It's good to see that there's such a huge amount of Sam/Dean goodness to wade through.
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Iron Man: Tony/Pepper, PG, 394 words. Inspired by word #72 at [ profile] 15_minute_fic.

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