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Saw HP & the HBP; it didn't blow me away, but it wasn't exactly boring, either. I missed a lot of stuff they left out from the book, and I think they kind of failed to portray Harry's fascination with the Prince. I did like Slughorn, though, and really hated on Lavender. Also, Emma did a fantastic job and I think she'll have a field day with parts 7 a+b.

Fandomwise I feel a little (well, a lot, really) out of the loop, what with work being extra crazy and stressful these past few weeks. I feel like there's a growing room for a new obsession, and I think I already know what's going to fill it. It all depends on how much of an impact ST: XI is going to make on me once I finally, finally get to see it. Kirk/McCoy looks really promising right now...
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To-do today:

1. Write Dean/Cas fic about the act of praying and how it doesn't have to be with words.
2. Squee a lot a tiny little bit about the latest clip from the upcoming Trek movie (Kirk and Sylar!Spock and how could they cram that much UST into one single scene??!!).
3. Clean up layout.
4. Finish eyefuck icon. Because Cas demands it with his eyefucking ways.
5. Rewatch latest HP6 trailer about 4 dozen times because Death Eaters traveling as black clouds is the most fascinating thing to watch ever.
6. Debate with myself over buying the T:SCC season 1 box set.
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Star Trek trailer FTW. Can't stop watching it because it's so fucking awesome. Young!Kirk, the car, the ravine, that indomitable will to survive. May's a long way away and I WANT THIS MOVIE NOW OMG and I just know I'm going to slash the living daylights out of Kirk and Sylar!Spock. This movie will grip me and rattle me and keep me in its hold the way The Dark Knight did and I can't wait for that to happen. Hurry up, May! \o/

Also: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Love the new trailer. It looks stunning and gorgeous and oh so deliciously dark. I'll weep for my poor abused Severus, though, oh yes I will.

Also also: Watchmen. There are no words for how much I want this movie. No words at all. AND IT ISN'T EVEN MARCH YET.

I've got plans for a layout revamp and new icons, and with my X-mas vacation coming up there's actually a chance I'll get around to being creative again. Yeehah!

And who knows, with all that free time on my hands, I might actually get around to writing something, too. Like maybe a Supernatural ficlet or two, because Sam and Dean are hot and I'm halfway to hell already so I might as well go down this road. Right now the Dean in my mind is sensuous and clingy and seductive, while Sam's indulgent and protective so that should be fun. Brothers on a hotel bed, heh.

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