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01; Nasal spray = best invention since sliced bread.

02; I'm in an icon-making mood today.

02a; Well, apparently it was more of a header-making mood. Dean & Cas, lyrics from Setting Fire To Sleepy Towns by The Sleeping Years. (And it doesn't even have wings in it. ;p)

03; Loooong weekend off, yay! That means hunting for new music, which is a surefire way to cheer myself up.

04; Know these times in life when a decision that needs to be made practically lays itself out for you? I think I'm being pointed in a certain direction, and I hope everything will work out okay. Which is pretty cryptic, I know, but I don't want to jinx things upfront.

05; ZOMG Shutter Island. Spoilers are go. )

06; Work was insane today. On the upside, I had so much to do I barely noticed eight hours flying by.

07; Dear Hiatus from Hell, pls to be over soon, k? K.
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So damn tired. First early shift in a good long while, and ugh.

I'm probably jinxing things, but - today I finally received written word on my job, I got a full contract for the next two years. So, yay. \o/

Work was super stressful (hence with the tired) and I'm not exactly looking forward to my work weekend. But, things should let up a little by tomorrow and I've got next weekend to look forward to, so there's that.

I feel like making icons today; I wonder if inspiration will be on my side.
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# I'm all about vibrant colors these days. Amazingly, my unfinished spn icons folder doesn't reflect that. That's got to change.

# Today, I worked my way through another exam. No idea whether I passed or not; I'm just very relieved that it's over so that I can tackle the last part (oral exams, eeeep).

# I tried my hand at a new header to express my admiration for The Song Remains The Same. Dean finally met the one person I've been waiting for, and I really love how they handled the whole thing. Can't wait for more!

# How wickedly cool are the UK promos for season 5 of Supernatural? I'm thrilled to see Show get so much attention!

# My Bloody Valentine tonight - and then a 6 week hiatus?! Why so cruel, Kripke, why so cruel?

# In other news, I'm completely addicted to Pixel Junk's Eden for the PS3; it's so relaxing and engaging both at the same time. I wish there were a whole lot more games like it.
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I feel very loved today. Just saying. ♥

Also, a quick question: does anyone know where I can get watch the second Men Who Stare At Goats trailer in .mov format? My usual source isn't providing, and I want to make a dancing Clooney icon, but Image Ready is being a prissy bitch about the formats it'll accept for imports.

Also also: Joseph Gordon-Levitt has grown up into quite the handsome young man, oh my. I just saw him in the trailer for Uncertainty, which apparently is never ever going to be released in Germany, so yeah.

In conclusion: have a gorgeously happy Halloween, everyone!
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# It just occurred to me that I don't have a single happy icon. Show is definitely feeding my angsty streak.

# After rewatching The End for about the sixth time I've had this tought about Zachariah: when I look at him I think of him as kind and benevolent; then he opens his mouth and talks and generally makes me want to kick him in the shins, hard. I really love this little dichotomy and hope it's fully intentional.

# I'm rocking out to Thunderstruck and Do You Love Me and Spirit In The Sky and I'd just like to say thank you, Show, for having amazing music on top of everything else.

# New ep in 2 days and even though I kinda enjoyed Fallen Idols (well, mostly the ending) I really want me some Cas now.

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