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1. I ♥ lists.

2. A fool and her money: I caved and ordered an Ipod Nano, in apple green. If fate isn't cruel it should arrive within the week. Oh, my precioussss...

3. I dreamed that I bought a paid eljay account. A nagging feeling tells me this might come true. Go away, nagging feeling. Go away.

4. My Iron Man DVD arrived today. I'm brimful with glee and anticipation. Oh, RDJ.

5. Tropic Thunder next week. Can't. Wait.

6. I feel a burning desire to write fic. Only, I'm not writing at the moment, so, hmm...

7. I still don't have a Jim Gordon icon, but several are in the making. Yay, progress.
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Some days, I sound a lot like Jackie. (As in Tyler, Rose's mum.) This never fails to amuse me.

Tuesday, I'm going to watch The Dark Knight. In English, bitches. Come hell or high water.

These days, I'm loving the hell out of Pepper. Tony's kinda hanging in there, for the fun of it.
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So I'm watching the Dark Knight trailer on a daily basis (which: quit whining about not having any time), tiding myself over until the real thing, and I'm scared, scared that I might end up thinking up some utterly cracktastic, darker than black Joker/Batman stuff. Scared. And also strangely exhilarated. Oh brain.

In less scary news, I'm halfway into a Tony/Pepper thing that's pretty straightforward on the surface and not so much underneath and finishing this would be nice so can it be weekend already? Please?
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I want a dark layout. Like, really want. With a gorgeous header of Tony or Pepper or quite possibly the both of them.

Also, I want to write me some Tony/Pepper smut of the slow and gentle variety. I'm falling for the pairing more and more; this is phase one, in which I like to tackle things slowly and oh so gently. Eventually, the darker stuff will emerge as it is wont to do (I'm thinking Tony not quite wanting Pepper enough and Pepper falling for another girl and Tony taking the girl from her because of jealousy/sharing issues and woe is everyone). But that's for later. Right now, things are light and playful and waiting to be explored. As per usual, I'm assembling a soundtrack in the back of my mind, just because.

It's funny how sometimes you only notice things from a distance, like how my monitor at home has its brightness cranked up way too high while the sharpness setting seems lower than average. Huh.

Four hours since I left home and already I'm missing PS something fierce. I don't know if this should make me laugh or cry.

It feels very good to have more than one icon to choose from; now for an icon of Tony and Pepper kissing and one of Mr. Darcy being his pretty self and I'll be satisfied. At least for a while. Yay, short attention span!
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Oh god, I need my Iron Man fix and I need it now. Why the fucking hell won't they release that goddamn DVD any sooner?! /hissy fit

I'm trying to tide myself over by making icons but staring at the trailer screencaps only makes me want the movie harder. Writing helps, but I'm finding it hard to slip back into my familiar creative routines. At least I've got the beginning for my possible Porn Battle entry. Now for some time to finish it by Monday 10 pm.

Also: GIP.

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