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Help, someone needs to get me away from Photoshop, I can't stop playing around with headers and icons and possible profile layouts. And I still have insane amounts of studying to be done. Aiieee. *headdesk*

As is always the case when I should be busy with other things, my muse sees fit to spring new ideas on me every five minutes. Which is not only distracting, but also frustrating because I'll never get around to take care of them all.

On a completely unrelated note, I'd really love to go and see Archie Bronson Outfit in Dresden. It would be my weekend off, and I've always wanted to go to Dresden. It's supposed to be a madly beautiful city. Plus, ABO must seriously rock the house. Oh, decisions...
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What a craptastic week it has been. Things are beginning to look up again though, so there's that.

On top of discovering tons of (relatively) new music, I think I've also found my favorite shot of Dean ever. Dean's so very pretty when he's looking down, especially when he's combining that with a frown and a pout. ♥

I've been toying with several fic ideas, but writing time is scarcer than ever these days, so I think I'll have to choose one and stick with it for the time being. I'm completely in love with the idea of a WWI AU, in which a relatively young Dean serves as an orderly to Captain Jim Novak and they slowly fall into this secret, on-off affair that could end oh so very badly for both of them but of course that's no reason for them to keep away from each other. Probably the most unpopular pairing ever, but I like how it's still sort of Dean/Cas, minus the sometimes slightly awkward angelic angle.

In other news I might go AWOL for some time, but I will try and catch up with the flist as often as I can.
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Tally of the week (so far):
icon fu: 3
writing fu: 1 (that's one story down and 2 more to go)

in which I babble about writing, feel free to ignore )

In other news: there will be an icon post soon.

*This song? Makes me so incredibly happy that I feel my heart must burst with it.
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Inspired by the apocalyptic heartbreak of The End; this mix turned out accordingly dark. Oh, boys.

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