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2 weeks to go until my vacation and I'm hanging on by a thread. I can do it!

Finally saw Voyage of the Damned last week and quite enjoyed it (Christmas Invasion still is my favorite by far). Astrid reminded me of Rose with her Doctor-saving ways, which made me miss Rose something fierce. And then there was the trailer for the Wonderful Adventures of Donna and the Doctor, which looked good but for the fact that it didn't give me even the tiniest glimpse of what I'm sure quite a lot of New Who fans are looking forward to.

Also saw Vantage Point on Saturday. I liked the narrative structure and how the respective threads came together in the end; nicely done, that.

I'm still stalling my Torchwood watching; I guess I'll end up mainlining the remaining eps in early April. Which would give me time to work on a Ianto/Ten nonsense piece that got stuck in my brain because of the pretty. Ten and Ianto and the art of making tea and a living on a ship that's bigger on the inside.
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I'm working on a Jack/Ianto icon. So far I've got one icon in five variations and I keep getting distracted by the awesomeness that is Ianto kissing Jack. Hot damn, show - three eps into the season and already you've got me drooling over the boy kissage. Please, don't stop. Kthnx.

So yeah, I loved the hell out of To The Last Man. Timeshift for the win. And that thing that happened at the desk. I was so sure it would be Gwen and then it wasn't and then I was doing that squee thing and is it Wednesday yet?

My mind's churning out fic ideas like there's no tomorrow and I won't have any time to write at all until Monday evening and how is that for torture? Damn you, work schedule, damn you muchly.
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So. My Blueberry Nights was pretty, above all things. I liked the key jar best: dozens of life choices on random display in a glass casing.

In Torchwood news: Jack and Ianto and WWII and yes. I haven't watched To The Last Man yet but the trailer was enough to inspire me and I feel like writing time-shift-fic. In a war setting. Hurt and comfort may be involved.
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Sporting a brand spanking new Torchwood header*. As I should be. (There's no matching default icon, however. Woe is me. Woe.) *Lyrics by Jason Molina who owns my soul.

My Blueberry Nights tomorrow. Am ridiculously excited. That could be because I haven't seen anything on the big screen since... November? October? This has to change. Drastically.

I think I dreamed of Ten and Rose last night but it's hard to tell because I wake up a gazillion times each night and have a corresponding number of dream fragments clogging up my memory. However, I re-read some of my fic ideas for those two a few days ago and felt slightly tempted by a few of them. There's one in particular that's delicious and gentle and oh so wrong and it won't go away so maybe I should just give in and write it already. Yeah. (It's been sitting on my drive for over a year and the fact that it's still gripping me could well mean that this idea deserves to be written. I'll definitely try to make the time.)

And Torchwood. I'm very slowly beginning to get the appeal of Jack/Ianto but I'm not sure that my take on them would be terribly original. Like, lots of hot boysex that's been done an estimated million times before? Then again, has there ever been such a thing as too much boysex?

I'm falling madly in love with singer Adele whose voice sounds eerily like that of one Amy Winehouse. Not as much drama attached to Adele, though. If you're interested, go and check out Hometown Glory. It's gorgeous, I'm telling you.

What is it with Firefox and the not closing of a tab with a video playing in it? It's bugging the hell right out of me, that is.

And now it's Sleeper for me, thank you very much. Mhmmm, Jack.
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New layout in the making; I'm beginning to think my favorite color is swaying slightly to the red side. Hm.

Finally saw Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Torchwood style, that is) and oh yeah, I've missed this show one hell of a lot. Very good taste in guest stars, I must say.

Spent last night watching Hot Fuzz (good, but not quite living up to my expectations which were - admittedly - pretty high) and Transformers (which: oh hell wow, why didn't I catch this on the big screen?!).

Next on my movie list: My Blueberry Nights. Hi, Jude Law. Please to be as pretty as you know how to be. Thnx.

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