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What a craptastic week it has been. Things are beginning to look up again though, so there's that.

On top of discovering tons of (relatively) new music, I think I've also found my favorite shot of Dean ever. Dean's so very pretty when he's looking down, especially when he's combining that with a frown and a pout. ♥

I've been toying with several fic ideas, but writing time is scarcer than ever these days, so I think I'll have to choose one and stick with it for the time being. I'm completely in love with the idea of a WWI AU, in which a relatively young Dean serves as an orderly to Captain Jim Novak and they slowly fall into this secret, on-off affair that could end oh so very badly for both of them but of course that's no reason for them to keep away from each other. Probably the most unpopular pairing ever, but I like how it's still sort of Dean/Cas, minus the sometimes slightly awkward angelic angle.

In other news I might go AWOL for some time, but I will try and catch up with the flist as often as I can.
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Fic ideas keep piling up (Bobby as a plot device! Brothers separated at a very young age [I know this has been done but I want my own version mkay] AU! Sam going over to the Dark Side!) and I am amazed to see just how creative a brain can get when it comes to developing procrastination strategies. The things I'm getting done! Except for the writing! /pulling out of hair

Still haven't made any progress on the Supernatural marathon but I might just talk myself into finishing season 3 this week. I'm in serious Dean withdrawal and I'm even starting to miss Sam a little, so.

In other news I've been going through my music collection, feeding old favorites to the kawaiiPod and now I can't stop listening to the damn thing. Which, hey, okay, sleep is overrated anyway. Yay for Make You Mine by Heather Nova and David Usher's Black Black Heart (slow version). ♥ (Which reminds me: I kinda feel like making a Dean or Sam/Dean fanmix. Ohai there, strategy for avoiding writing yet again.)
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.one I'm working on a black and white Lazarus Rising picspam; it's a bit of an on and off thing because I get distracted by teh pretty a lot.

This is my favorite so far but I'm only halfway through and there are many many more. Dean kinda does that to me. ♥

.two I need it to be May, and bad. Star Trek and Terminator: Salvation both look stunning and I WANT THEM NOW.

.two a The latest Star Trek trailer leaves me flailing whenever I watch it (which: I do that a lot, a whole lot), what with the awesometastic music and I dare you to do better and FIRE EVERYTHING at the top of Nero's voice. Also: Karl Urban as Bones and Zach Quinto as Spock! Such. Love.

.two b The Terminator: Salvation trailer #3 kills me with the Nine Inch Nails and Christian Bale and the stunning clarity and starkness of its imagery. I have a thing for post-apocalyptic stories so yeah, this one'll do nicely.

.three I want to see Slumdog Millionaire, because it will be awesome. I'll probably cry my eyes out but still.

.four As late to the party as ever, but: I really really love The Republic Tigers and Starsailor. The Tigers' The Nerve is on infinite replay in the back of my head; it's just that catchy. But your eyes are dumbin' me down And I can't take mine off of you.
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Fresh in from the hairdresser's and my hair smells evil. I just don't think I want to know what kind of product they used.

Here's the deal with me and Supernatural: I was right on board with season 1 back in the day when it hit the air, then I got thrown off the track for a good long while. Now I'm easing my way back in; I've completed my rewatch of season 1 and season 2 is right around the corner. That said, I'm not totally oblivious of what's down the road: I (vaguely) know about Tuesdays, and Deals, and Angels, and man, I'm kinda scared to watch more because my heart's swelling with grief for Dean already and I'm not even that far into the show. Salvation and Devil's Trap just about killed me; Jensen's performance is that awesome. It seems like there's nothing but pain in it for Dean and that's so hard to watch. I need some happy!Dean, damnit. He deserves it.

And now for a mini Dean picspam because I feel like it:

courtesy of Dead In The Water: pretty pretty boy )

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