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2010-03-28 05:31 pm
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and I would fall out into the night

Last night, I watched The Painted Veil. It's exactly the type of movie I fall for within the first five minutes, not least because of the unrequited love theme and both Naomi Watts and Edward Norton giving a stellar performance. In addition to that, the cinematography is truly beautiful, especially the shots of the Chinese landscape. It all adds to the quiet and understated way in which the story is told, leaving you breathless and aching in the end. ♥

I still haven't seen the latest SPN ep; if things go right, I'll finally see it tonight. Now I'm just waiting for nightfall, but what's another few hours after such a long wait?
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2010-03-06 04:51 pm
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2010-02-22 07:05 pm

silent from a night so cold

# I'm thinking about Dean and Cas in Zach's Croatoan timeline, sharing a moment of comfort and hope of a future that won't see Dean having lost everything, including himself. I quite like the idea, but I'm not sure I'm ready to write it.

# Headcold of doom has me in its grasp. Which is all right, as long as I don't develop a cough. Although I have to admit that not being able to breathe through my nose is bothering me more than I thought possible.

# Photoshop hates me these days, and I have a feeling it might be more than a phase.

# I need new music. Only I don't have the time to go hunting for it. Bummer.

# As much as I like My Bloody Valentine, I don't feel the slightest urge to rewatch it. Mostly because of the food-related grossness, but also because I have issues with the portrayal of Cas and Dean being Buffy of season 6. I'll have to wait and see where they're going with that, but for now, I don't quite like it.
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2010-02-21 07:22 pm
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2010-02-14 07:35 pm

we're creatures of the wind

nabbed from [ profile] smashedpeaches

Comment and I'll give you three of your fandoms, then copy and paste the questions onto your journal and fill it out.

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2010-02-12 03:37 pm

jeden raum mit sonne geflutet

# I'm all about vibrant colors these days. Amazingly, my unfinished spn icons folder doesn't reflect that. That's got to change.

# Today, I worked my way through another exam. No idea whether I passed or not; I'm just very relieved that it's over so that I can tackle the last part (oral exams, eeeep).

# I tried my hand at a new header to express my admiration for The Song Remains The Same. Dean finally met the one person I've been waiting for, and I really love how they handled the whole thing. Can't wait for more!

# How wickedly cool are the UK promos for season 5 of Supernatural? I'm thrilled to see Show get so much attention!

# My Bloody Valentine tonight - and then a 6 week hiatus?! Why so cruel, Kripke, why so cruel?

# In other news, I'm completely addicted to Pixel Junk's Eden for the PS3; it's so relaxing and engaging both at the same time. I wish there were a whole lot more games like it.
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2010-01-31 07:24 pm
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2010-01-29 06:10 pm

back from the (un)dead

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And now I'll catch up with comments and stuff. :)
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2010-01-04 09:20 pm

you're on your own tonight

Happy New Year, everyone!

Google keeps amusing me with that falling apple. Happy birthday, Sir Isaac. ♥

Still busy with my season 4 rewatch; it's slow going, especially since I keep hopping back to old favorites of seasons 1 & 2. Last night, AHBL II made me cry and cry, and I realized I miss John a whole lot more than I thought. I hope we'll see him again, in one form or another.

I've been working on a Dean moodtheme for some time now, and finally finished it. I thought I'd share it here, in case someone else feels like using it:

moodtheme preview dean

-> full preview
-> download (1.14 mb)

And since the SPN hiatus seems to last forever, I also made a Dean wallpaper, because there can never be enough Dean:

preview wallpaper dean
Text reads Hell hath no fury that I have not known.
Textures, as always, by the lovely [ profile] elli.

(edited to add a full preview; many thanks to [ profile] skydawnjade for pointing out that the previous link didn't work. &hearts)
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2009-12-28 06:49 pm
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2009-11-21 05:13 pm

ficmix: like monsters, we (spn, sam/dean, nc-17)

Title: like monsters, we
Fandom: Supernatural
Pairing: Sam/Dean
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Incest.
Notes: Very general spoilers for season 5, nothing specific.


covers, track listing & ficlets )
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2009-11-16 04:49 pm

six little stitches thread through my heart

I'm second-guessing myself left, right and center these days; I wish I knew what's up with that, and how to put a stop to it. Early onset exam nerves, maybe?

In Supernatural-related news, I still haven't seen anything past Fallen Idol because I'm yearning for a Cas-heavy episode, so I'm planning to do a mini-marathon once I got 5.10 next week. I'm relatively unspoiled, but I think that with 5 eps in row there's a pretty good chance Cas will turn up for more than five minutes in at least one of them.

I have no idea why, but my Sam/Dean love is flaring a little; I think I could probably blame that on the blatant lack of Cas in the last few episodes. Also, Giant Drag's cover of Wicked Game might play a part in that, what with it giving me naughty fic ideas.
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2009-10-30 11:05 am

icons: 33 supernatural

[06] Dean
[16] Castiel
[05] Dean/Cas
[02] Sam
[04] other

Photobucket Photobucket

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2009-10-21 12:49 pm

you remind me of something, a song that I am

Fannish to-do list (until the end of October, or so I hope):

- finish Dean fanmix (which, it's all done, except for the final song choice)
- finish crack-ish Michael/Dean/Cas fic
- finally manage to empty out that unfinished icons folder
- finish long-ish End fic; this one's turned around on me - it used to be Cas' story, but now it's all about Dean, but that's okay because I feel like maybe it was his from the beginning and I just didn't realize until Cas has had his say

Uhm, yeah, looks like busy times ahead; I'm so glad work isn't stressful at all these days. *facepalm*

Also: I want to read Dean/Cas fic like you wouldn't believe but I never do that while I'm writing on a story of my own, because something's bound to bleed in - subconscious is sneaky that way, and I won't take the chance.

Also also: still haven't watched 5.06, so it's a double feature for me this weekend. MOAR CAS NOW.
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2009-10-20 08:23 pm

fic: as we move towards perdition (supernatural, dean/cas, nc-17)

I have this deep, heartfelt love for the broken and jumbled mess that’s future!Dean. He’s beautiful even in his bitterness, and as much as he’s hardened himself, he still seeks physical closeness, connecting with people around him on the one level he’s still comfortable with. ♥ I can easily see Cas getting caught up in the wake of Dean’s angry passion.

This is a break from my usual h/c routine. Hurt? Check. Comfort? Uhm, not so much.

Also, I’m still working on that longer End fic; just felt like taking my porn fu out for a test drive.

Have I mentioned that this is very, very porny?

Title: as we move towards perdition
Author: [ profile] ethia
Rating: NC-17
Genre/Pairing: Dean/Cas, Dean/OFCs (mentioned), Cas/OFC
Spoilers: 5.04
Warnings: Mentions of torture, gore. Angst.
Word count: 3511
Summary: In which sex doesn’t equal love, and Castiel slip-slides gracelessly into humanity.
Notes: PWP, set somewhere within the five-year-timeframe given in The End, somewhat closer to 2014 than 2009. Heavily inspired by Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy’s Strange Form Of Life.

This is the first time they’re touching like this. )
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2009-10-17 08:29 pm

fanmix: strange form of life (spn, dean/cas)

Inspired by the apocalyptic heartbreak of The End; this mix turned out accordingly dark. Oh, boys.

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2009-10-14 05:16 pm
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we're doing fine, so fine

# It just occurred to me that I don't have a single happy icon. Show is definitely feeding my angsty streak.

# After rewatching The End for about the sixth time I've had this tought about Zachariah: when I look at him I think of him as kind and benevolent; then he opens his mouth and talks and generally makes me want to kick him in the shins, hard. I really love this little dichotomy and hope it's fully intentional.

# I'm rocking out to Thunderstruck and Do You Love Me and Spirit In The Sky and I'd just like to say thank you, Show, for having amazing music on top of everything else.

# New ep in 2 days and even though I kinda enjoyed Fallen Idols (well, mostly the ending) I really want me some Cas now.
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2009-10-12 03:04 pm

under a black belly of clouds

I'm sitting at my desk and the sun's shining; I almost feel like summer's returned one more time to say goodbye.

Still working on that Dean/Cas fic. This is the phase where I'm second-guessing myself wherever I possibly can: would he really do this? And if yes, why? Ah man, I just love plotting fic. :) I'm expecting this to clock in at about 10k words; that means if I manage to write a daily average of 2k words I might just finish this by the end of the week. But, since 500 - 1000 words is far more realistic, and I also need to take editing and rewriting into account, this will probably take me a little bit longer. Like, wow, is it really November already?

Word count for today: zip, but I've still got a whole hour of allotted writing time ahead of me.
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2009-10-11 06:44 pm
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2009-10-04 10:29 pm

fic: and even if love were not what I wanted (SPN, Dean/Cas, PG-13)

Title: and even if love were not what I wanted
Author: [ profile] ethia
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Dean/Castiel
Spoilers: 5.01, to be on the safe side
Warnings: second person POV; schmoop
Word Count: 4.084
Summary: Six times Dean wanted to kiss Castiel (and one time he did).
Notes: Title taken from Even If Love by Bonnie Prince Billy.

and even if love were not what I wanted )