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+ New header, because I felt like it. Dean/Cas again, lyrics from There Is A Light That Never Goes Out by The Smiths. Aww, boys. ♥

+ New SPN episode in 2 weeks! Can't wait. Or, maybe I can, considering that it's also the date of my orals. Eeep.

+ Photoshop is keeping me away from my studies, or maybe it's more like I'm using it as an excuse to keep myself from studying. Either way, I quite like the direction my recent experiments are taking me.

+ I'm reading Terry Pratchett's Nation at the moment and it's wonderful and clever and very entertaining, and I don't mind one bit that it's not set in the Discworld 'verse.

+ Late shift tomorrow, so I get to sleep in. That means no alarm at 5 am, which: happy times!
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(0) Numbered lists are the new... numbered lists.

(1) So, I'm beginning to see the appeal of Merlin. Magic's always a winner in my books, and Arthur shows enough promise to keep me in.

(1, a) In my head, the perfect dragon will forever look like Michael Whelan's depiction of Ramoth. So much for the Great Dragon.

(2) My Dean love is growing by the minute. The word epic might come into play very soon.

(3) I must have more SPN icons. MUST. Especially Dean ones.

(4) I ♥ Matt Ruff. BAD MONKEY!
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Pink eye, pink eye, two in a row; I'm really hating on the world right now. People are staring or at least I think they do and anger management only goes so far.

Lots of stuff to do, but it seems like I'm getting on top of my procrastination tendencies. (Except at this very moment but shh.)

I wasn't tickled the least bit by the trailer for Iron Man but I'm hearing left and right how awesometastic it is so I'll give it a try. Four buck budget offer on Tuesdays, here I come. (No one to stare at my eye in the dark. \bitter)

Rewatched Remains of the Day yesterday - I'd forgotten how beautifully infuriating a love story it is. There's a lot to lose by speaking up but so much more if you don't. Just ordered the novel because much much love oh yis.
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a. I've got an infection in my right ear and more pain than I can shake a stick at. And on my free weekend, too.

b. Nasal spray is my new best friend.

c. I want my Jack/Ianto fix but I don't dare watch the latest episodes for fear of the Angst. And then there's that Jack/Gwen thing. I totally feel the love between these two, I just don't think I want them to be in love. Like, Gwen has Rhys and he's good for her on so many levels, and I think putting her with Jack would ultimately weaken her. She needs someone to ground her in the real world, and Jack would sweep her away and turn her into someone who doesn't fit in anymore.

d. I'm almost done with Pratchett's Tiffany Aching trilogy and I love it a lot more than I initially thought. It's superbly written, really funny and brimming with everyday magic, which is the best kind of all. It also has guest appearances by Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax who is probably my favorite Discworld character of all times.

One of my favorite bits in the Wintersmith is "the child who was the right way up" - it's such a simple idea, but done oh so clever that it keeps amusing me time and again. And then there's this line about Granny which I think sums her up nicely: "Granny Weatherwax put a stop to them and never told anyone how she'd done it." Just, yes.

e. Saw the Indy 4 trailer today and now I want it to be May, presto.

f. I feel very much like writing me some Jack/Ianto to cheer myself up, but writing while being sick always leads to fluff and that's not exactly my strong suit. Maybe I'll stick with PS instead.

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