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POI love? Still going strong. I'm happy to hear show has been renewed for a fifth season, even if it might be its last (and oh, yes, another one of my favorites being denied the long run it so deserves). Lucky me - I still have seasons 3 and 4 to look forward to, having stalled myself for fear of having the new episodes interfere with my creative process. Which has been all but defunct for two months now. Win win, no?

Two stories in the works, a bleak h/c and a five times thing that's gone through several iterations; I think I might be satisfied with the current one. If time allows, at least one of them should get finished soon. I feel myself drawn back to the 2nd person POV; it's quite lovely for slash fic, and I love the dichotomy of distance and identification it creates.

The Blacklist has drawn my eye; I'm not exactly in love with the show (but oh, the music), as most of the characters remain perfect strangers to me. Liz doesn't appeal to me very much (feels like she got abducted all the frigging time in season 2), but I like Aram, and Tom, and would probably enjoy trying to write my way into Red's head. We'll see.
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Oh Charles and Erik, how so awesome, eh? Which is my way of saying that I liked First Class even better the second time around. More time and opportunity to put my eye on fine details (like Erik's long fingers, or the asymmetric crease of Charles' brow). These boys, so much with the prettiness. Also, I'm deeply fascinated with the visuals (and the narrative implications) of that long Erik/Shaw/Charles shot; for me, it's probably the movie's most powerful sequence.

Today I received a big shipment from Sendit: seasons 1 and 5 of Doctor Who, as well as season 2 of Sanctuary. I guess that means I'll be pretty busy watching some quality TV for the next week or so.

I'd also love to be very busy reading a First Class novelization - only there seems to be none, which: most epic fail in money making history, Marvel. Srsly.

I'll compensate by writing myself some Charles/Erik interaction of my own; I'm thinking of a light piece set in early summer, with the boys frolicking on the lawn in the backyard of the mansion, enjoying the sun on their skin, each of them a pleasurable distraction to the other.
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Doing overtime at work today again; no news there, but I had planned to go see First Class for a second time. I'll somehow have to fit the rewatch into my work weekend, because I really want to have a second look at those crazy kids.

Speaking of First Class...

some spoilery thoughts )

Tiny little wishlist for the immediate future:

- new icons (not necessarily self-made, because I don't think I've got the patience - not to mention time)
- new wireless mouse (one which can be switched off, because the one I have keeps draining the batteries like whoa even when I'm not using it)
- perhaps an lj upgrade so I can use more icons again
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Long time, no see. Real life has been captivating, to say the least. Add to that a distinct lack of an active fandom, and presto, instant silence.

But, SyFy has managed to get me hooked on Sanctuary - it had to happen, they've been airing the show back to front for ages now, and hey, come on, Amanda Tapping! - and my love for the Doctor is flaring again, even though I missed out on most of Martha's and all of Donna's journey and will plunge right into the fray with Eleven and Amy. Oh, and then I watched X-Men: First Class last week, and has there really ever been a time when I did not adore the beautiful mess that's Charles and Erik?

So ship-wise, it's John and Helen as well as Charles and Erik at the moment, and both ships seriously make me want to dip my feet into fandom again. I feel like starting out with tiny little ship manifestos and maybe a little declaration of love for the Doctor, especially Nine, because The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances were the first episodes of Who I ever watched, and they've left an overwhelming impression.
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... or so I hope.

Seen so far (also counting first time watches on DVD, just because):

Thor (3D)
Water for Elephants
Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Part I
Pirates of the Caribbean 4: Stranger Tides (3D)
X-Men: First Class


Sucker Punch
Kung Fu Panda 2
Super 8?
Green Lantern?
Transformers 3: Dark of the Moon
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II
Another Earth
Cowboys and Aliens
Breaking Dawn
Sherlock Holmes 2
Girl With The Dragon Tattoo?

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