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Doing overtime at work today again; no news there, but I had planned to go see First Class for a second time. I'll somehow have to fit the rewatch into my work weekend, because I really want to have a second look at those crazy kids.

Speaking of First Class...

some spoilery thoughts )

Tiny little wishlist for the immediate future:

- new icons (not necessarily self-made, because I don't think I've got the patience - not to mention time)
- new wireless mouse (one which can be switched off, because the one I have keeps draining the batteries like whoa even when I'm not using it)
- perhaps an lj upgrade so I can use more icons again
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[16] Dean
[11] Castiel
[05] Dean/Castiel
[02] Sam + Dean
[02] Sam

[01] wallpaper (Dean)

most incongruous icon batch ever ever )
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A few things I'd like to have...

- new icons
- time to make icons
- time to become friends with Photoshop again (hi, PS, I missed you)
- lots and lots of sleep tonight
- the latest Torchwood
- world peace
- did I mention Torchwood?

What it comes down to is this: I don't have as much time as I need. Clearly, the introduction of the 26-hour-day is long overdue. Yup.

Went bowling for the first time ever last night (so I live under a rock, so what). Had tons of fun while learning the ways of strikes and spares and gutters. Now I just need to move my game away from the latter.

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