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/one. MOAR icons soon? I feel like making some. If only that shiny gleaming PS3 thing weren't so addictive.

/two. Apparently watching all of two minutes of All Hell Breaks Loose is enough to give me a full night's worth of Sam/Dean dreams. Naughty brain FTW.

/three. The Dark Knight, it is mine. MINE! Oh, Jim and Arthur, how I love to watch you suffer. What, it says DARK in the title, they're supposed to.

/four. Dreaming of the boys last night gave me a new fic idea. Or rather, a new impulse for an existing idea. In which Dean finds out that in the end, resistance is futile.

/five. Those new icons I was talking about? Should all be SPN ones. Of the Sam/Dean variety.

/six. I ♥ Dean a whole lot more than Sam.

/seven. I feel like this list could go on forever. Which probably means I should get some sleep, pronto.
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Spent the afternoon mainlining all the Batman/Gordon stuff I could find and damn, there is way. Too. Little. How's a girl going to get her fix that way? Oh, how I crave the really, really good stuff in which Batman's all growly and possessive and Gordon's awed and gentle and pressing all the right buttons without even trying to. Oh, Jim. ♥

Do I have to mention that I've just rewatched The Dark Knight and I'm in AWE of Gary Oldman's skill, yes I am. I'm so going to help push this movie way past Titanic's box office record, baby. It makes me weep to think that the DVD won't come out until December. I'm not the most patient pea in the pot so that's going to be one hell of a long wait. Why so cruel, PTB?
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That Batman Kink Meme makes for interesting reading material. Very inspirational, too. Not to mention reassuring to see my mind's not the only one that's stuck in the gutter.

I'm ODing on the Clint Mansell version of Requiem For A Dream, said by some to be one of the most overused trailer soundtracks. While that's probably true, it doesn't keep me from enjoying the song and watching the Babylon A.D trailer in which it is used. Mhm, Vin Diesel. In a scifi flick. Just what I've been waiting for.
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I'm... making Batman icons instead of writing fic. How totally unsurprising. Not that I'm ungrateful for this creative outburst - it's just that I wish the outlet were, for once, a different one.

I ordered Batman Begins on Amazon just for the fun of it; can it be here right now, pls? I do so want to hear the growly batvoice...
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As expected, the Dark Knight blew me away. So much so that I need to see it again. In my mind, I'm prodding and picking at the Joker and the way he fits himself into the world but he's a hard one to grasp. It's a fascinating experience, and I hope something will come of it.

Also as expected: with more time on my hands now inspiration has slowed down its pace; there's less pressure to sit down and just start to write.

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